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* This HTML-Tutor e-Guide is interactive. If you are connected to the inernet, this e-Guide will take you everywhere it is linked to. *

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What Is HTML?
A description of HTML
Examples of using HTML
Viewing The Source
How to view the HTML source
Fonts & Headers
How to Change the font size
Color Chart
View Color Chart With HTML formulas
HTML Basic Formulas
A summary of the basic formulas
DBE Solutions
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<What is HTML?>

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is a common language used accross the internet - specifically in building and designing WebPages. It is also the language most browsers understand when reading and interpreting the WebPages, therefore making it readable for us.

For simplicity sake, we will refer to HTML in a much easier term to understand - "Tags". Tags travel in "Pairs" (with a few exceptions of course.) - one tag <begining> each desired affect, and the second tag </ending> the action. This done line by line, or section by section. Depending on what you are building

For example -

typing this: <img src="http://www.dbesolutions.com/design.gif">

(This is an image tag, and it travels alone.)

produces this;

Where ever you are building your site on TheWeb - you will be working with a "File Manager." This is located within the site of your HomePage. The File Manager is the location for you to store all of your WebPage files - such as your HomePage.html files, your gif, jpg and jpeg graphic files. Whether you obtain your site thru a free server or a fee-for-service server - there is usually an allocation of space provided with your site to enable you to store all of your files.

Once you have decided on the files you want in your site File Manager, they can be uploaded a couple different ways. In some servers they can be uploaded right from the uploading system located within the site File Manager, or the files can be uploaded thru FTP; File Transfer Protocal. FTP is a separate program designed to send or retrive internet files.

There are many free FTP programs for download at: http://www.download.com download.com - click here

When you put in a formula to call out an image, you will be calling an image from your own site. Tapping into other sites for images is considered unethical (unless you have permission) - so it is recommended that use your own graphics from your own site. There are many copyright free graphics located on TheWeb and are free for the taking. Below are links to free graphic sites.


typing this: <a href="http://dbesolutions.com">Go to DBE Solutions</a>

(This is a link tag, and it travels in a pair.)

produces this; Go to DBE Solutions


typing this:There is a lot of <font color="ff0000">Red</font color="ff0000"> and <font color="0000ff">Blue</font color="0000ff"> on this page.

(Notice the tags.)

produces this; There is a lot of RED and Blue on this page.

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<Graphics & Animation>

(02-16-13 - These Links are Presently Being Updated)

Patriotic Graphics
The Graphic Station
Image O Rama
Firearms Image Library
Clip Art Universe
Gif Animation Design
Animated Gif Archive
Temple Of Graphics
Clip Art Connection
PixelFind Graphics Search

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<Viewing the Source>

<Click Here To See This Page As It Is Written In HTML>

(Or, right-click on this page and click on "View Source" - or - "View Frame Source"
You should get a view of this page as it is written in HTML language.)

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<Some Basic Examples>

<E-Mail - mailto:>

typing this:<a href="mailto:htmltutor@dbesolutions.com?subject=ID HTML Tutor">Email Us - Click Here</a>

produces this;Email Us - Click Here

<Font Sizes>

<font size="1">Font size 1</font size="1">
<font size="2">Font size 2</font size="2">
<font size="3">Font size 3</font size="3"<
<font size="4">Font size 4</font size="4">
<font size="5">Font size 5</font size="5">
<font size="6">Font size 6</font size="6">


<h6>Header #6 </h6>

<h5>Header #5</h5>

<h4>Header #4</h4>

<h3>Header #3</h3>

<h2>Header #2< /h2 >

<h1>Header #1</h1>

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<Font Colors>

<Font Colors>

Click Here to view a full color chart with over 350 HTML codes.
This page has a background color changer in order to asist in color coordinating
the background color with the text color. Check it out.

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<Basic HTML Formulas>

Image formula
<img src="http://www.dbesolutions.com/design.gif" width="25" height="25">

Link Formula
<a href="http://www.dbesolutions.com">Click Here</a>

Font size Formula
<font size="2">This is font size 2</font size="2">

Font Color Formula
<font color="ff0000">Makes the text red</font color="ff0000">

Font Face Formula
<font face="Comic Sans MS">This is Comic Sans MS</font face="Comic Sans MS">

<h5>Text </h5>

<b>Makes text bold</b>

<i>Makes text italic</i>

<a href="mailto:htmltutor@dbesolutions.com?subject=ID HTML Tutor">Email Us - Click Here</a>

Complete Text Formula
<font size="2" face="arial" color="0000ff">Produces text like this</font size="2" face="arial" color="0000ff">

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<Writing A Simple Sample Page>

Just copy and paste the Sample Page in the box below into a word/text editor such as Windows Notepad, and then save it to file, Upload it to your own site and you will have a simple Webpage. Customizing the web page is up to you!

<!--The <TITLE> and other coding such as this can be written into the document - but not viewable by the page. JAVA SCRIPT and other HTML commands are also written in this space.-->


In this area you will learn a few important elements of HTML and why and how they work.<p>

Cut and paste this Sample Page into a word document such as Windows Notepad, and see how a simple sample page is written. The more you learn, the more you will be able to add Advanced HTML to your WebPages.<p>

<a href="sample.html">Click here</a> to see the Sample Page as it should appear.<p>

<a href="mailto:htmltutor@dbesolutions.com?subject=Sample Page E-Mail Test">Email Us</a> this test e-mail command. This e-mail command will also fill in the subject area automatically in most email programs. Try it and see!<p>

<a href="http://www.dbesolutions.com" target="_top">Goto DBE Solutions</a> <p>


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