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Fellow Lions & Leos;

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

Permit me to open my address with a quotation by a revered philosopher William Ward; and I quote: There are 3 keys to more abundant living: Caring about others, daring for others and sharing with others".

Fellow Lions, it is a truism that you are as great as the thoughts you think, as the worth you have attained, as the fountains at which your spirit drinks and insight you have granted. You are as great as the truth you speak, as great as the help you give, as the destiny you seek and as the life you live".

TO GOD BE THE GLORY For He alone deserves all the honour, and I ascribe all majesty and dominion to Him. It is because of Him I stand in your presence today as the 3rd lady District Governor in Black Africa, to have emerged.

I am convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the happiest business iri the World is making friends and no investment in the world pays larger dividends. It is said that when a man is wrapped up in himself he makes a pretty small package. Today, I stretch forth a hand of fellowship in service to all Lions and Leos of District 404 Nigeria. Together, we shall take Lion ism to greater heights.

Friends, in the month of February 2000,1 wrote to all Lions in District 404; soliciting your support at my election titled “Why am I in the Race?" In that piece, I touched on my record in Lionism, my credentials and work experience, the home front, my agenda and the part I expect you to play. Eleanor Roosevelt said and I quote " When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die. Giving is the thermometer of our love for others". Since our victory at the Benin Convention (2001), I have diligently and consistently served humanity, in line with my avowed commitment to remain loyal and steadfast. I have neither taken you nor any Lions' assignment for granted. I travelled on visitations with the two Governors ahead of me and also attended as many investitures and project commissioning as much as humanly possible. Quotations from wise sayings make it clear that you are as great as the help you give. Friends, I need your help more than you have ever given; to move the district forward and give Lionism a new vista in this part of the world. It is in this regard that I appeal to all PDGS, VDGS1 Cabinet; non-Cabinet Lion members, Presidents, Club Officers, Fellow Lions and Leos to team up with me to tirelessly serve our dear district. The "We Serve" motto of our association was founded on the team - spirit strategy. We share the same destiny in Lion ism; therefore, we must work as one and together we shall excel in our quest to serve humanity. Instead of walls, let us build bridges. Abraham Lincoln once said "Whatever you are, be a good one" and I say be good Lions always.


My appeal for help has gone out to Lions of District 404 with hearts of gold and since the expressions on your faces have assured me of your support; I accept with humility and all seriousness of purpose to serve Lions Clubs International, District 404, Nigeria as the 20th District Governor for the year 2003-2004. It is a small man that stands on others; but a great man stands on God. With God as the rock on which we stand, we shall not fail.


In 1964, our very own Doyen Lion Akintola Williams embraced Lionism along with credible men of his time. Lions then had to travel to other West African Countries for congresses now referred to as conventions. These men were never deterred. They knew that they were as great as the services they rendered. with dogged determination, perseverance and quality of service, Nigeria became a District in 1964.1 doff my hat for all those great men and women who consistently gave off their hard-earned resources to not only help the needy but also sustain this association. I salute all the NLCF contributors, MJF, PMJF, financiers of clubs. I salute all active lions, Lions-at-large, Honorary Lions, Privileged Lions, Life members, Associate and affiliate members. It is the total contributions of all Lions in District 404 that culminated into Awards and Grants received from Oakbrook. We can do more and we can achieve more. We must excel as EXCELLENCE IS THE HALLMARK OF AN ACHIEVER.

We will not just be busy as the bees but rather strive for excellence in all facets of our calling. Be bold to take on new challenges and if the shoe fits, don't wear it. If you do, you are not allowing room for growth. As we face the future with hope, challenged by the sheer determination to excel, we must strive to achieve the following goals in this Lionistic year:


· Raise the profile of our organisation through effective publicity and awareness generation. The Bell as Logo further emphasises uncompromised call-up for service and PUBLICITY of Lions activities.

· Build our internal capacity through training to facilitate in-depth understanding of the tenets of lionism. Learning; brings life to your life. The person who is afraid of asking is afraid of learning. Try to learn from everyone. From some, learn what to do and from some, learn what not to do.

· Aggressively drive for new quality members in order to extend our horizon through membership retention and orientation.

· Continue and strive to complete on-going projects.

· Re-kindle our interest in on illiteracy projects and


As the District Governor, I promise to;

i) Be available for consultations, discussions and fellowship three hours a day, Monday through Friday. (11 a.m. -2 p.m.)This does not foreclose other scheduled meetings. consultations that will add value to SERVICE WITH EXCELLENCE" (MY THEME)

ii) Attend as many investitures as possible and delegate where there is a clash.

iii) Visit clubs at their meetings between August - October, 2003.

iv) Visit Zones and Regions between October - December, 2003

v) Encourage the charter of new clubs i.e. increase membership

vi) Encourage improved participation of PDGS at Lions activities by consciously involving and tapping into their wealth of experience and also encouraging their attendance at all Lions activities

vii) Commission Lions project all over the country.

viii) Attend Regional Conferences organised throughout the Lionistic year.

ix) Attend to all other Lions business that will promote the well being of the district and stamp the mark of Excellence on activities in Lions District 404 Nigeria.

The acronym of my watchword shall be SERVICE

S - Sincerity

E - Excellence

R- Reliability

V - Veracity

I - Integrity

C - Consistency

E - Empathy



ii) Be punctual at meetings and Lions events.

iii) Wear the activity jackets proudly to showcase a distinct service organisation.

iv) Pay your dues promptly.

v) Participate at club, zone, region and district activities

vi) Endeavour to complete all outstanding club projects. It is a shame to see projects started 6-7-9 years ago still uncompleted.

vii) Clubs Investiture must end bv October 2003 for Officers be effective.

viii) Frustrate tradition with your creativity: stay incurably cunous.

ix) Be optimistic of success. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement

x) Continue to do what is right as Lions. If you do this, what is wrong and who is wrong will eventually leave your club or your life.

xi) The road to progress is always under construction: BE INNOVATIVE Display ethical behaviour that would promote personal

xii) integrity, honesty and probity.

xiii) Build trust and accountability at all levels

xiv) Provide quality service at all levels - Be driven by Excellence.

xv) Encourage teamwork at all times.

xvi) Recognise quality membership at club levels. This is an invaluable asset.

xvii) Recognise outstanding performance and reward excellence and merit.

xviii) Promote positive relationship with relevant governmental, non governmental and international agencies i.e. Networking Unparalleled Publicity (Print and Media) i.e. Ring the Bell of excellence

xix) Never mind whom you praise, but be careful whom you blame.


Effective Publicity

The logo this lionistic year is the Bell.

In years past, schools ring bell to announce resumption, change of subject and closure of the day's business. Churches also ring the bell to call for service. The bell is significant. You can only ring the bell for a good cause. Friends in Lionism, ring your bell for the whole world to hear. You are in the business of helping the under-privileged. Tell the whole world about it. The sound of your bell can attract new quality members. It is a call to service.

Internal Capacity Building

'Knowledge is power'. Unless we are knowledgeable in the tenets of Lionism, we may not be able to market this product. To achieve this purpose, the District is zoned and Orientation Lion Officers appointed for these zones. These Lions must visit clubs within their catchment areas and conduct orientation for Lions at their club meetings. In addition, Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries, Zone Chairmen, Region Chairmen and District Officers shall attend a workshop on Friday, July 25, 2003. The venue is the Eagle Club, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos. Lion Manoj Shah the Impact Team Leader from Africa will be joining us from Kenya. This is not a seminar as Lions will break into different groups viz- Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries, Zone, etc. The objective is for the workshop to be interactive.

Course Materials, Food and other arrangements will be provided for all Lions attending the workshop. Lions' officers should send representatives if they must be absent. Clubs shall be debited with expenses incurred where Lion Officers are absent without apologies or representatives.

MERLO This initiative of Oakbrook to ensure increased Membership, Extension, Retention, Leadership Development and Orientation (MERLO) has culminated in the appointment of the “High-powered TOP TEN TEAM". Lions of MERLO shall cover all clubs in the district effectively.


District Secretariat Acquisition Project

Construction of Bore Hole Project


War on Illiteracy

All clubs must appoint WOI Committee Chairperson to be known as WOI General. Lions vowed to wage war on illiteracy and these "Generals" shall lead us to win this ugly battle. The "Generals" shall work hand in gloves with the LECs, (Local Education Counsellors) to run adult literacy centres, issue certificates and send out literate graduands. This project will attract high ratings during club competition. Local Education Counsellors are Local Government appointees so this program is expected to be collaborative with Local I State Governments.

October 5,2003 - All clubs in the district shall speak with one voice by carrying out activities on the DANGER I PREVALENCY of CANCER. Videotapes are available for use at designated centre by clubs to generate awareness. Please purchase yours from the district for a paltry sum. Suggested venues for this activity are market centres, churches, mosques, motor garages, schools, etc. The target audience is the Nigerian Public.

· Film Show/Talk on Cancer for 20 minutes at Lions Day with the UN

· Film Show/Talk on Cancer at the Peace Poster Contest Day

· Film Show/Talk on Cancer at the 20/40 Anniversary celebrations.

· Film Show I Talk on Cancer at the African Forum in Lagos (February 2004).

Lions are to note that non - Lions could subscribe as MJF members. Any club that has between 5-8 new MJF or PMJF members shall be specially recognised and awarded at colourful ceremonies.



WORLDAIDS DAY To be advised

WORLD SIGHTS DAY To be advised

WORLD DIABETES DAY - To be advised

WORLD FOOD DAY - To be advised



District Chairmen of these various committees shall ensure that regional and district activities are carried out to mark such days. It could be a walk, a talk, donation, etc.



LOGO: THE BELL ( has been referred to earlier in the speech)

It is a truism that as Lions we serve humanity. The challenge I am throwing to Lions this Lionistic year is to have Excellence as our goal and our focus. To excel is to be the best. The position of Excellence is reserved for dedicated, hardworking and committed human beings. Lions cannot afford to be anything but "PRIM US INTER PARES" (First Among Equals). To cut a competitive edge, we must Excel. How then do we rate our level of Excellence? To be a high flyer we must

· Start meetings early

· Conduct interesting meetings

· Adopt the participatory leadership approach - i.e. imbibe the "We Serve" team spirit.

· A leader must be a good listener

· Be ready to learn and interact. No Lion or club can afford to be an island on its own.

· Networking by attending other clubs' activities, zone, region or district activities.

· This list is by no means exhaustive.


I wish to especially thank my friend of 30 years and my husband of 26 years; Lion (Engr) Owen Adesina Tychus, PMJF, NLCF I crave for understanding and prayers more than ever before. Families and friends will agree with me that Sina and I relate more like brother-sister; friend - friend and lastly husband - wife. We both covet your prayers. My love and gratitude to the children, Pastor Adewale Tychus (a Medical Student) Tokunbo (an Accountant) and Tayo (a Computer Scientist) whose graduation ceremony is today 10/5/2003 in faraway USA. I say you are the BEST. I need double portion of your prayers and phone calls throughout this Lionistic year - a year which is demanding, time consuming, energy sapping but interesting. The beauty of it all is that we shall excel at the end of the year and together give God the glory. My mum and siblings have become protem Lions. I covet your prayers and understanding. A family of eight with five pastors can only offer prayers as gift and support. My victory on this seat is contingent on how long you stay on your knees. I am very confident of your support and prayers. I sincerely thank you. My wonderful cousins, nephews and nieces - I love you all so very much. I also like to thank the club of the moment - Satellite Central Lions Club for the support and love. I want to assure members that as an ambassador of the club, I shall continue to project the virtues and values of our great club.

The mother of all thanks goes to all Lions and Leos of District 404 for your support and encouragement over the years culminating into what we are seeing here today.

May showers of blessings from above continuously fall on us and our loved ones. (Amen)

CONCLUSION: According to Spirella, "there is no thrill in easy sailing:

when the skies are clear and blue." There is no joy in merely doing things, which any man can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when you reach a destination that you thought you would never made. Helen Keller said and I quote "life is either a daring adventure or nothing". I know the task ahead of me is herculean but I take solace in Peter Marshall who says "No one achieves greatness without being of service - the measurement of life is not in its duration, but in its donation. Everyone of us can be great because everyone of us can serve". Let us remember that any time we tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases our own mediocrity. Because I draw my strength from God, I am bound to succeed. Friends; put your trust in God and success shall find you.

Finally, let me emphasize: The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become. Whatever you do, elevate your standards of quality. You were created for creativity, design your eyes to look for opportunity, your ears to listen for direction. Everything great started as somebody's dream. Make a daily demand on your creativity and learn to see the unseen. Success and growth are unlikely if you always do things the way you've always done them. Let us be humbled by God's given opportunity to serve so that we do not stumble. Let your life history be written, not by a pen but with your actions. Between July 1st, 2003 and June 30th, 2004, we shall meet lots and lots of obstacles but remember that problems are the price of progress. These obstacles, at the end of the day should make us better, not bitter and when we are not bitter, we will appreciate the fact that is a thousand times easier to criticize than create – that is why critics are never problem solvers.

I love you all and I thank you all.

Lion (Princess) Adetope Tychus PMJF, NLCF

District Governor – Elect (2003 – 2004)

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